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- RFQ for Removal Repairing and Re-blading of stage 5 and 6 blades of LP2 turbine Click here
C&O Group

The C&O logo is compound Chinese character.
It is a combination of 'Chi' and ‘li’
‘Chi’ symbolises effort, strength, integrity
And "li" lends itself to an attitudinal orientation, an ability to transcend all obstacles and turn the tide in one's favour
The color orange signifies the dynamism and vitality of a flame, typifying the burning passion that consumes CNO to excel at everything it does.
As a balance against this, the Olive Green color of the character itself stands for stability, endurance, dependability, peace, harmony and the green earth.
Coastal Energen Pvt. Ltd.
7th Floor, Buhari Towers,
4, Moores Road,
Chennai - 600 006. India
Phone: +91 44 4296 4296
Fax: +91 44 4296 4297
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