C&O Group
Solid Leadership Position

The power team is led by Mr. Ahmed A.R.Buhari, Founder President and CEO of the C&O group. It was his dynamism and free spirit that led to the many firsts that C&O notched up during its long history. With a Graduate degree in Marketing from Bentley College, Boston, USA and a Masters degree in Shipping, Trading and Finance, from City University, London, he is the driving force behind the group. His vision encompasses Creating of an Energy Conglomerate with Coal mines, Ships, Logistics businesses and Power Plants all over India and abroad.

Mr. Moosa Raza, Chairman of the Executive Committee is a veteran, not only having headed various large companies and corporate projects but also having served as one of the highest ranked government officials having handled industries such as Steel, Fertilizers, Textiles, Chemicals, etc. With over 45 years of experience under his belt, he is the guiding force, not only for the power project, but for the entire group.

Supporting Associates
Energen has selected some of the best known names in the field to help it set up its maiden power plant.
Some of the firms that are associated with Energen are:
TCE Consulting Engineers, a firm well known for its long and varied experience in the power generation industry.
Tata Power Trading have signed a long term PPA with Energen for off take of power
State Bank of India, the largest bank in India, which is the lead bank for the consortium of lenders have extended project finance facility for Energen
Ernst and Young, the world renowned financial services firm have assisted Energen in preparing Information Memorandum and are advising on Financial Closure.
Bhagwati Ana Labs, a firm advising Energen on its environmental aspects
PTC India Ltd., who assisted Energen with market surveys
Development Consultants, who assisted Energen on shortlisting possible sites
A. Alliance Design International,Singapore, a well known architects firm, is assisting Energen in architectural design of the Power Plant.
Coastal Energen Pvt. Ltd.
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