C&O Group

Care for the Environment
Coastal Energen has deep and abiding respect for protection of the environment in the areas surrounding its activities. This is a core value which is firmly in place throughout the history of our C&O Group. It is also integrated into our company’s strategic vision.

To meet this commitment to the environment, we embrace new technologies and methods of operating, permanently seek out continuous improvement and make major investments in environmental facilities. We are deeply committed to continuous improvement of processes, treatment and management of raw materials, fuel, water and waste management. All of this is done at the planning stage and structured in a way that gives priority to those of our actions that impact the environment.
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Coastal Energen Group is a part of the society that surrounds its. We plan to implement initiatives that support local communities and participate in areas such as primary education, women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation, training, job opportunities and social empowerment.
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