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Coal and Oil Group is a Rs. 2400 crores (US$ 550 million) Integrated Energy Company involved in various aspects of Energy supplies including Coal trading, Mining, Shipping, Logistics and Power Generation.
Coastal Energen Pvt Ltd (ENERGEN), the Power Generating Flagship Company of the Coal and Oil Group, is setting up a 1200 MW coal fired thermal power plant in the district of Tuticorin in the State of Tamil Nadu , India.
Our maiden power project in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, South India is a logical extension of our multi disciplinary capabilities building on our diverse strengths and leveraging our varied experiences in �Fuel Management� which gives Coastal Energen a distinct advantage as a low cost Power Producer.
Approximately 60% of the cost of power comprises of fuel cost. Our group is one of the top suppliers of imported coal to some of the leading private and public power producers in India like Tata, Reliance, Torrent Power, Gujarat Electricity Board, Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Calcutta Electric and others. With such experience under our belt and a top notch management team guiding the project, we are in a comfortable position to effectively manage the cost of fuel and finally the cost of power generated.
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Tuticorin has been identified by both the Central Government of India and State Government of Tamilnadu as a power generating centre for southern Tamilnadu lying as it does in the middle of the power corridor.
Situated only 13 kms from Tuticorin town, our project enjoys the following advantages:
Close proximity to a major town (13 kms)
Within 21 kms of a major port
Excellent road, Rail & Air connectivity
Excellent grid connectivity

The project has achieved fast progress since its inception.
Land fully acquired
PPA Agreement Signed
MOEF Clearance issued
Funding fully tied up and secured
BTG order finalized
Discussion with PGCIL for power evacuation
Engineering Consultants appointed
Manpower in place
Site preparation completed
Geo-technical investigations completed
Construction water and power in place
Water allocated by TWAD Board for process requirements
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